All Saints Church

Service Sheets ‘Raptured’ Before Patronal Festival

??????????????????????????????????????????All Saints Day  2013 was a day for searching and questioning and that is precisely what happened as the service sheets for our big celebration went mysteriously missing.   Many cupboards were searched and many people were questioned until the only logical explanation presented itself – the service sheets had been summoned up to heaven — commonly known as ‘raptured.’

The congregation was entirely unperturbed.  Judging from the service  most of them could type the liturgy from memory and many seemed to enjoy this accidental experiment in a “paperless church”.  The Rev’d Stephen Griffith who does not use paper service sheets at Christ Church could not but praise the environmental friendliness of it all. And as everyone agreed, it did not detract one jot from a very lovely service indeed. In fact it was enjoyable hearing the readings without the distraction of rustling papers.  Richard Lyne, the Director of Music conducted the choir made up of members of the three parish churches and was the picture of calm despite the fact that the words from the final hymn — hastily printed off by Fr Stuart also never made it to the church.  At this time it is not known if the final hymn sheets were also raptured or merely developed cold feet.

The wardens wouId at this time like to thank all those who took this minor blip in their stride and also those who provided the wonderful refreshments for the reception following the service during which there were many smiles (and sighs of relief) all around.   There is another word for this. It is called “grace” — under pressure.